It comes packed inside 40 foot High Cube containers and its key dimension is the width up to 3 meters (10 foot) so that, once assembled, becomes office container, a house container, eventually a comfortable accommodation container destined to a variety of end users.

Being a modular container, it can be joined to create larger spaces (ground level only). Offered lay outs for a standard 20 foot unit range from single or double room to ablution and sanitary containers.

Used material for panels, insulation, floor and ceiling can be of different kinds and fire rated.Electrics are compliant to a number of international standards. Doors and windows are available in different style, materials and size. Its usage is recommended in hot and temperate areas where heavy insulation is not a must.

The Mecano container is our response to extra space requirements and the way it has been engineered allows to assemble it without the assistance of a crane.

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